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Shared Law Office Space Perspectives

  1. The new year will bring some interesting news about LookingForSpace.com positioning itself to become the preeminent provider of advertisements for shared law office space in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington DC – with more cities to follow.

    New York City Shared Legal Office Space Listings

    If you are looking for space in a shared legal office environment you can view all of our listings for free and make direct contact with the principal advertising the offices available for sublease.  You’ll make your own arrangements to inspect the space and get to know the sublessor to deterimine

    Our office space listings are paid advertisements from Law Firms with extra offices.  The firms generally seek to attract other attorneys as potential subtenants however often the listings will be marked “Attorneys and Other Professionals” which indicates a willingness to rent the offices to appropriate professionals other than legal practitioners.

    Shared Legal Office Spaces In Chicago

    Our listings ave very complete and detailed and indicate both the Type of Firm that is offering the space as well as the Professional Group the space is being offered to.  Our Mission is to provide a value added service that allows our advertisers to make direct connections with Principals who are looking for shared law office space.  We help you connect your firm to appropriate inquiries for shared office space – and don’t get involved at all, unless you want us to.

    We offer a Standard shared office space listing that incorporates a full page, instant online presence for your available individual offices, with unlimited descriptive text and photographs as well as space highlights, full contact information and map information.  You can choose whether or not to display your contact information or building address.  If you choose to remain “anonymous” the inquiring parties will be able to reach you by (undisclosed) email through the website.

    We also offer a Featured listing, that incorprorates all of the features above, but includes “forward” list placement on the website as well as a listing “thumbnail” visible on your City home page and other pages throughout the website.  The Featured listing will also be distributed to our Email list at least once a month, for additional visiblilty.

    In New York City (with more cities to follow) we are offering an “Assisted” listing, which is a “hands off” process for the advertiser allowing the LookingForSpace.com team to receive and respond to all inquiries, set up inspection appointments, negotiate your terms and conditions and provide an agreed upon termsheet before you generate documents.  We’ll interview you on site at the inception of the service, to evaluate your space, draft the listing and take professional photographs.

    Your involvement will be at the “on site” level.  You’ll meet the prospects (after we help you vet them) to show them your space and evaluate whether or not they will be appropriate to fit into your environment – we’ll do everything else for you.

    So in 2015, we’ll offer you three levels of service to choose from, and we’re happy to announce that on February 1, you’ll be treated to a competely new and updated LookingForSpace.com website, which we’re very proud and excited to announce.

    So here’s to Good Renting In 2015.  We are available to help you promote available offices to other attorneys, or to find new offices in shared legal office space.  Our service as an exceptional track record over the past three years as evidenced by hundreds of satisfied advertisers and testimonials.  We invite you to call our NYC office to get answers to any questions you have about our service or about any of the listings on our website.

    Happy New Year, with best regards from,

    Neal Lerner

    52 Vanderbilt Avenue
    New York, NY 10017


Chicago Shared Legal Office Space

  1. If you are looking for space for your small law firm or solo practice, you can share office space within the premises of a larger Chicago law firm and take advantage of the real estate and IT platforms that are being managed by the “host” firm, for your benefit.  There are various configurations of individual offices available for sublease in Chicago and our inventory of available office space changes every day.  Here’s an example of a listing in the Loop.  Just click on the photo to view the full page listing with full principal contact information for the person advertising the offices available for rent in Chicago.  This one is across the street from the Courthouse and county offices

    77 W. Washington | Great space for an attorney or other loop professional

    77 W. Washington
    13rd Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 8x13 Price: Negotiable

    If your Chicago law firm has extra offices that you’d like to rent to other appropriate attorneys on a long term basis, we can help you attract legal professionals as prospective subtenants for your available offices.  If you ADD YOUR LISTING ONLINE (CLICK) before November 30, 2014, we’ll give you 60 DAYS OF FREE ADVERTISING, NO STRINGS ATTACHED and NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.  Just click the link and enter your information.  When you submit your listing the system will send you an email that allows you to upload photographs to your listing – after which we’ll approve it internally and launch it online, completely free for 60 days.  During that period interested attorneys will contact you directly by telephone or email through your online listing on the lookingforspace.com website – and if you’re like hundreds of successful renters in New York City, you’ll match your available offices to the right attorney, and develop a long term beneficial relationship that adds to your bottom line.

    If your business is allied with legal use, or even if you have an accounting firm with extra offices, your venue is appropriate to advertise to lawyers on our website.  Here’s a listing from a court reporting company that would like to have an attorney share some of it’s space:

    10 S. LaSalle St | Furnished Office Space For Rent | Perfect For Legal Professionals

    10 S. LaSalle Street
    19th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 10 x 14 Price: Please inquire

    At the end of the day it comes down to effectiveness and service.  We have an established track record in NYC with hundreds of TESTIMONIALS from satisfied users of our service.  We are launching our service in Chicago with this free offer for 60 days of service, and we hope that you’ll take advantage of it to rent extra offices to attorneys who are looking for space online.  Our service works, and it is backed by (human) professionals in our office, which you can always call with questions during normal business hours:  (212) 986-9100

Madison Ave + 39th St | 8 Windowed Offices and Conference Rm in 4500 sq ft – $44.00 Per sq ft

  1. Fabulous Midtown Availability For Small Law Firm
    New Lobby and Elevators
    4500 sq ft newly refurbished space with 8 Offices

    This is my “deal of the summer”, perfect for a small law firm (or other professional firm) looking for a large number of windowed offices, in a bright space with a windowed conference room as well as a windowed reception area.  The windows are on 2 sides of the “L” shaped space and there is a great amount of natural light throughout the space.

    This is a bit of a diamond in the rough – hence the $44 price tag.  The building is about to undergo a lobby and elevator renovation so the tenant moving in now will have brand new space in a well located building proximate to Grand Central Station with a lease starting at $44, for the next 10 years.  This is the best deal I have seen the entire summer season and it really makes sense for a firm that needs a high density office layout without a lot of wasted space.

    The reception area is immediately off the 8th floor elevator lobby.  The space has its own private bathrooms as well as a kitchen, lunch room, IT room, windowed conference room and a large bullpen.  The space will have new carpet, paint etc., and the landlord will perform construction to the incoming tenant’s specifications.  In addition to adding 4 offices (so the total will be 8 windowed offices), there is a large bullpen area that can accommodate another interior conference room as well as a document preparation / storage area, and still have room for several secretarial or paralegal workstations.

    The icing on the cake here is that the building will have a brand new, 2-story soaring modern lobby as well as brand new elevators.  If your firm has a requirement for an office intensive space in midtown and you are sensitive to the pricing in the current midtown marketplace, I hope you will call me for more information or to arrange an inspection of the premises.

    Neal Lerner
    212.986.9100    Contact by Email

    8 Offices Legal Suite With Windowed Conference + Reception

    LookingForSpace.com (No Fee) 

Advertise Extra NYC Offices

  1. Does your firm have extra offices?

    Would you like to rent them to an attorney?

    If you want to share your office space with other attorneys (generally small or solo practitioners), we can offer you a unique venue to advertise your space directly to other principals who are Looking For Space.

    Shared legal office space occupies a unique niche in the NYC commercial office space marketplace and we enable principal to principal advertising and connection through our website and through email blasts that send featured listings to over 20,000 attorneys throughout the US, several times a month.


    You can advertise on a direct basis to attorneys who are looking for space online.  Best of all, your full contact information is visible in your advertisement and interested principals will contact you by phone or email to arrange inspections of your law offices or to get more information about you or about the space you are offering.

    We are referred to as “a dating service for offices” and effectively that is exactly what we do when we connect a law firm with extra offices to a lawyer who is looking for space online.  The advertiser has paid a small monthly fee for the ad and then benefits from being present in the universe of space advertisers on our website which accordingly gets very good attractive capacity on Google and the other major search engines.  We give advertisers the opportunity to “Get Found” by appropriate principals who seek shared legal office space and amenities in a specific geographic location, for a particular practice area and within a defined price range.  That is how exact we can be for you – if you just use the filters at the top of each listing page.

    From an advertisers point of view, we offer very specific “tags” for the listing, such as:

    • Attorneys Only
    • Attorneys or CPA’s Only
    • Furnished Offices
    • Professional Receptionist
    • Document Storage Available
    • Tolls and Phones Included

    We can be specific or general – but in our experience success lies in being as specific as possible – allowing you to attract the exact practitioner you are looking for.  And, we don’t get in your way.  Our clients are generally of the “independent” streak, both on the “host” and “guest” sides and it is our job to facilitate those relationships without interfering.  Of course, when asked we can offer as much assistance as needed, but when not asked we stay out of your way.

    If you have any questions about our business model, or if you’d like to advertise your available offices on our website, please call our NYC Office at:  212 986 9100.

Midtown Office Listings – Shared Law Office Sublets

  1. We list a wide variety of individual offices for sublease within the premises of law firms and legal office suites in Midtown Manhattan.  New York offices are available for rent individually or in groups and all of the listings on our website are available to the public for free and without obligation to sign up or identify yourself.  All of the commercial office listings on the LookingForSpace.com website are paid advertisements by principals who seek subtenants to rent extra offices within their legal or business premises.  Here’s an example on the 48th floor of the Empire State Building:

    350 Fifth Avenue | 1-3 Office Suite In Empire State Bldg. With Amazing Light & Statue Of Liberty Views

    350 Fifth Avenue
    0 Floor 3 Offices Room Size: 13 X 15, 10 X 9, 10 X 8 Price: Please Inquire

    This is a good example where one or two offices are available for sublease and they both have amazing views and light from a very high ESB floor that peers river to river.  This is an established law firm that has been in the space for several years and now seeks other attorneys to share their offices with.  You can contact the principal who is advertising this space with the phone number in the office listing as well as the red button at the top of the listing that says:  ”EMAIL LISTING PARTY”

    Every commercial office listing on LookingForSpace.com offers direct contact information for the principal advertising the offices available for sublease or license in Midtown Manhattan or Downtown.  In fact, the Looking For Space website has office listings in many different cities – but this article will focus on New York City (New York, NY).

    Here are a few choices.  Just click on the text to be redirected to the appropriate section within the looking for space website:

    There are many possibilities for searching for offices on the looking for space website.  You can start with a geographic area and then filter the search by:
    • Submarket
    • Space Type
    • Professional orientation
    • Number of offices
    And if you have any questions about looking for space in terms of how to go about it or where to look, we’d be happy to advise you in your search for new shared office space.  Please call:

    Neal Lerner

    EMAIL me 



Large Partner Offices – Manhattan

  1. Large partner offices, generally in excess of 15′ X 15′ as well as being corner offices with views in 2 directions, stand out as the upper level of individual offices available for sublease.  The majority of partner offices can be found within the premises of law firms, however they are also available within managed law suites and serviced executive suites.  Here is an example of offices available within a serviced legal suite that recently opened on Third Avenue in Manhattan where an available office measures 17′ X 19′ and is available for approximately $5,000 per month.  This is an environment that encourages shared work between co-tenants within the suite.

    830 Third Avenue | Last Remaining Interior Office In New Midtown Law Suite | 50th St

    830 Third Avenue
    5th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 12 x 16 Price: Please inquire

    This can be compared with a commercial office listing for a very large corner office within a law firm at 150 East 58th Street.  The corner office is very large and measures approximately 12′ X 20′, with 2 walls of windows.  This is an above standard law firm space with shared conference room and a professional receptionist that will meet and greet visitors as well as answer phones in your firm’s name.

    150 East 58th St - Large Corner Partner's Office With Fabulous Views & Light | Tower Floor Shared Law Office

    150 East 58th Street
    34th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 12 X 20 Price: $5,000 per month

    So there is a very good variety of large corner offices in Manhattan and many of them can be found on the lookingforspace.com website where all listings and principal advertiser contact information can be viewed for free and without obligation.  If you are looking for large corner partner offices in Manhattan please search for offices on LookingForSpace.com.  Just CLICK HERE to view all Manhattan office listings.  And if you have any questions about our website or if you need help finding large partner offices or partner offices for sublease in Manhattan, please contact:

    Neal Lerner

New Shared Law Office Listing – For Small Law Firms With 4 or 5 Offices

  1. We have a new listing in Midtown that would be perfect for a small law firm that requires 4 offices or 5 offices for attorneys, plus extra space in workstations for staff. The first, is in Midtown, proximate to Grand Central Station, at 1185 Avenue of the Americas. The space was rented by a law firm and is currently under renovation for delivery and occupancy on September 1, 2014. Right now 5 offices in a row can be made available, with up to 8 workstations. The space features a professional receptionist to meet and greet your clients as well as a shared conference room, pantry and document preparation area. There is ample file storage outside of the offices in a large number of lateral filing cabinets that line the common hallway. (Plenty of file storage.)

    Most of the offices are large, partner size offices (approximately 14′ X 15′). The offices with 2 windows have an asking price $3,000 per month and the offices with 3 windows have an asking price of $3500 per month. This is a good opportunity to relocate your small law firm to a Class-A midtown building (S.L. Green Realty is the owner) that is perfectly located between Grand Central and Penn Stations, right on Corporate Row on Sixth Ave.

    If your firm is looking for space and you’d like to investigate individual offices for sublease from a law firm, in a legal practice environment, this might be an appropriate relocation opportunity for your firm. Also note that the offices are available individually or in groups, so even if you are just looking for 1 partner size office, or if you are looking for any combination less than 5 offices, this is an opportunity to sublease professional offices that you should investigate.

    Please click on the commercial office listing below for more information – and if you’re interested in inspecting the premises or getting more information please call: Neal Lerner (212) 986-9100 [LookingForSpace.com - No Fee]

    Grand Central

    1185 Avenue Of The Americas | 2 Windowed Executive Offices In Newly Renovated Shared Legal Space

    1185 Avenue of the Americas
    0 Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 1 Large, 1 Small Price: Please Inquire

NY Office Sublease Advertising For Attorneys

  1. If you are looking for space in New York City and your small law firm or solo practice seeks individual offices for sublease in the premises of a larger firm – you’re in the right space!  We provide shared law office advertising in a search engine optimized format that is designed to be found by lawyers looking for space online.  Shared NY office listings, curated from a selection of law firms offering space to other attorneys, can be found on the www.LookingForSpace.com website – and if you are looking for new offices in Manhattan, you can view all of our listings for free.  Here’s a sample of an office available for sublease within the premises of a New York City law firm:

    1,200 sq. ft. Private Room Plus 10 External Workstations In High End Soho Loft Office Space

    110 Greene Street
    2nd Floor 1 Office Room Size: 1200 sq ft + 10 cubes Price: See Below

    Our website offers a unique value proposition both for small and solo practices as well as mid size and larger law firms.  First, if you are looking for space, our entire database is at your disposal and you are free to look at all of the listings with full principal contact information, in your city.  You make direct contact with the principal who is advertising the extra offices for sublease in their law firm, and you set up your own inspection appointment to look at the space being offered for sublease.

    If your firm has extra offices and you want to promote them directly to other attorneys who are looking for space online (pretty much the same way you found this article) then we can give you an instant online presence for your available offices that will be found by other attorneys who are searching online for commercial office listings – and your listing will stand out because we are the only venue online that caters specifically to professionals searching for sublets within the premises of law firms.

    111 Broadway | Rent 1 NYC Office and 1 Workstation In Shared Downtown Law Office Space

    111 Broadway
    18th Floor 1 Office Room Size: 15' X 9.5' Price: Negotiable

    Another unique aspect of the service offered by LookingForSpace.com is that we have a staff of “live humans” who are experts in marketing individual offices online – and we are available during normal business hours to answer your questions pertaining to finding space or advertising space to dispose of your vacancy.  We’ll do whatever we have to do to put your space in front of viable candidates – and when the call us to ask about your listing we will be prepared to make sure they contact you.

    We operate a “front facing” website where every client receives exactly the same treatment – no more and no less.  And we try to make sure that the treatment you get will most effectively and efficiently expose your available offices to an appropriate audience that is ready, willing and able to rent offices within your firm.

    We don’t handle law office space exclusively – however the bulk of our traffic and audience is looking for offices in the premises of a law firm.  Frequently we will advertise for CPA firms and other professional firms and all of our listings can be tagged as follows:

    • All Professionals
    • Attorneys Only
    • CPA’s Only
    • Attorneys or CPA’s Only
    The listings can also be tagged for the Type of space being offered:
    • Shared Business Office
    • Shared Law Office
    • Shared CPA Office
    • Executive Office Space
    • Demised Office Space
      • So we offer a very complete listing and allow the user to incorporate a large amount of listing specific data, highlights, text and photos, because the database and website were designed by real estate marketing professionals who understand what the audience is looking for and what the clients (advertisers) need to display to produce an effective online commercial office space advertisement.

      • We hope that if you are looking for space you will navigate to the top of this page and CHOOSE TO SEARCH your location to view offices.  You can alternately view over a hundred recent TESTIMONIALS and you can ADD YOUR LISTING ONLINE (no credit card is required – we’ll send you a bill after you approve your advertisement).

        If one of those choices doesn’t do exactly what you need, you can always call our NY Office at:  212.986.9100



Individual Manhattan Offices For Sublease By Owner

  1. If your firm has extra offices available for sublease and you’d like to rent them to attorneys or other professionals who are looking for space online, we can help you promote your available office space in a very effective and inexpensive manner, “by owner”, on a direct principal to principal basis.

    Renting extra offices “by owner” has never been easier. You have at your disposal a very effective tool that will give you an instant online presence and a platform from which you can “broadcast” your available offices to an audience that is interested in shared law office space rentals with shared amenities.

    When you advertise your offices by owner on our website, you get a full page web listing dedicated to your space. It contains a long description plus space highlights, unlimited photographs and your full contact information so interested parties can make inquiries by phone or email. Here’s a sample listing. Just click on the photo or title and it will expand to the full page of sublet by owner information:

    675 Third Ave | 1-2 Large Offices For Sublease In Brand New Shared Law Office Space

    675 Third Avenue
    8th Floor 2 Offices Room Size: 14 X 15, 12 X 15 Price: Please inquire

    Our readership is very interested in making direct principal to principal contact with advertisers who have appropriate offices for sublease by owner. You can advertise on our website and ADD YOUR LISTING YOURSELF – JUST CLICK HERE. Alternately (in Manhattan) we can visit you onsite to evaluate your available offices, photograph your space and write the listing as well as post it to the website (additional fee applies).

    Offices for sublease by owner can now be marketed effectively to principals who are looking for space, through our website for as little as $99 per month, for up to 2 offices and 2 workstations in Manhattan.  Outside of Manhattan, listings start at $39 per month.  This represents a unique opportunity for principals to promote space themselves, directly to the public.  So, if you are interested in the for rent by owner concept to market your offices, please add your listing to our website.  If you are looking for space, we are a “front facing” website and all of the information posted by our advertisers is available to the public, for free.  All you have to do is click on any listing to see the full description.  If the contact information is not in the body of the description just click the “Contact Information” tab – and you can always click the red Email button to reach the advertiser online.

    Our Manhattan office is staffed by real estate marketing professionals who understand what it takes to get your individual offices subleased on a “by owner” basis.  Please feel free to call us – as we’re proud to have a website that is staffed by humans that want to help you.  Our NYC office number is:  (212) 986-9100 and we’re available during normal business hours.  You can also CONTACT US by email.

$400/Week Emergency Shared Manhattan Law Office Space Near Penn Station

  1. If your firm or solo practice is looking for space for a short term, as relief from the hurricane damage, you should be aware of one of our shared NYC law office space listings that has just been modified to indicate offices available for rent on a week to week basis at just $400 per week.  The shared law office listing appears below.  Just click on the photo or title to open to the full page listing to see more photographs and obtain the contact information for these offices that are proximate to Penn Station.

    Rent 1 Office | $1050/mo. | 30th Floor Shared NYC Law Office Directly Across From Penn Station

    450 Seventh Avenue
    30 Floor 1 Office Room Size: 10' X 12' Price: RENTED

    The space has great views and light as it is on the 30th floor of 450 Seventh Avenue, which is a class-A office building, directly across the street from Pennsylvania Station on Seventh Avenue.  Take advantage of this short term Manhattan rental.  Call Jeane Christensen at 212 736 5588


Taff’s Family Fun Day 29.7.11

  1. Taff’s Family Fun Day 29.7.11

Photos from Taff’s ‘Great Place to Work’...

  1. Photos from Taff’s ‘Great Place to Work’ success

Complete Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2011 online today

  1. From 13th June 2011 Tenants are now able to give their feedback on Taff’s service online. Please follow the link.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2011

  1. Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2011

Tenant Satisfaction Survey poster - live now

  1. Tenant Satisfaction Survey poster - live now

Best Workplace 11 EB 008, Best Workplace 11 EB 021, Best...

  1. Best Workplace 11 EB 008, Best Workplace 11 EB 021, Best Workplace 11 EB 024

Taff Housing’s Garden Group paid a visit to the allotments...

  1. Taff Housing’s Garden Group paid a visit to the allotments at Bessemer Road to take a look at the progress to prepare the plots.

    They found the marsh grass, rubbish and the base of an old shed had been cleared away by Macob, who do contract work for Taff Housing. The next task will be to order some skips to remove the rubbish.

    Tenants and staff will now start to look at ideas for the site in the coming months, as the weather improves.

Taff Gardening Group chair Fanwell Tandi visited the new Taff...

  1. Fanwell Tandi watches the clean up work

    The allotment site revealed!

    Rubbish has been cleared for removal

    Chair Fanwell Tandi at the allotment

    Taff Gardening Group chair Fanwell Tandi visited the new Taff allotment project at Bessemer Road, Canton, on February 5th 2011, to watch the first major stage of the project, as a JCB cleared the site. The clearance work is being supported by Taff Housing partners Landcraft and Macob. A team from Landcraft began by cutting down eight-foot high marsh grass on the land, which is about half the size of a football pitch. Then Macob kindly supplied a JCB and driver to clear rubbish and tidy up the five plots, which are being prepared for use by tenants and residents.

    Mr Tandi said: “I was very impressed to see the clearance work starting so soon. When we first visited the site, it was like a jungle and all of a sudden, it has been cleared and we can get in there.”

A musical, warm welcome to Global Grangetown from Taff tenant...

  1. A musical, warm welcome to Global Grangetown from Taff tenant Stephen Austin

Mary Hayes named CIH Cymru Housing Hero 2010

  1. Mary Hayes named CIH Cymru Housing Hero 2010

Mary Hayes named CIH Cymru ‘Housing Hero’ 2010

  1. Mary Hayes named CIH Cymru ‘Housing Hero’ 2010

Minister visits new Tenants at Ninian Park

  1. Minister visits new Tenants at Ninian Park

We did it! over £160 raised today!

  1. We did it! over £160 raised today!

It’s filling up

  1. It’s filling up

Staff put the first coins on the logo for Children in Need

  1. Staff put the first coins on the logo for Children in Need

Eid celebration at Red Sea House

  1. Eid celebration at Red Sea House

Potter Matt Jones, running Taff Housing workshop at Riverside...

  1. Potter Matt Jones, running Taff Housing workshop at Riverside Festival

Taff Ladies Raise £600 for Cancer Research

  1. Taff Ladies Raise £600 for Cancer Research

Great place to workLiving wage employer Corporate Health Award