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Taff is Judged as Low risk by Welsh Government

Annual Report 2016-17 and highlights of outcomes 2012-2017


Foreword from Chair, Keith Edwards


This year’s annual report marks the end of our last five year plan, when our Vision was to be Partner, Provider and Employer of Choice. We set ourselves 5 outcomes which we have tracked and measured over the 5 years, so in this report, we will tell you about the last year, but also showcase some of the highlights of our longer term achievements.

Many of you will be familiar with our hashtag #notjusthousing, and during the last 5 years, the ground-breaking Wellbeing of Future Generations Act for Wales has been introduced. Many of our outcomes reflect the priorities of this legislation which will lead us to the ’Wales We Want’.

So, wherever we can, we will highlight the links between our work and the Wales We Want, as our work contributes so much more - #notjusthousing.

We contribute in many ways to a prosperous Wales - helping individuals to be better off, either through increased benefits or by helping them into work; and investing in local labour and the Welsh economy through our spending on new and existing homes. We run our business in a financially responsible way, generating extra funds to re-invest in our work.

2016-17 5 years
We maintained arrears below 2% and only evicted one tenant, despite welfare reform gathering pace. 747 people are better off as a result of increased benefits interventions
We have provided free training to 86 tenants to help them access further learning and jobs. puzzle
2249 people started a jobs journey with Taff, including 581 Taff tenants
Our volunteering project has helped 9 people access paid employment, helping them to become more financially independent 45 individuals who have worked with us have accessed paid employment over a five year period.
St Canna Court (formerly Canton Police Station) opened in Feb 2016, providing 17 new homes
Taff has supported both our tenants, and those on Cardiff Council’s waiting list to downsize. Over a five year period, 73 tenants have downsized, helping them manage the impacts of welfare changes
193 new homes were built, creating an economic impact of around £35.5m over 5 years.
On all new build sites we recruit, on average, 90%+ local labour
We achieved WHQS in 2013. Our total spend over 5 years on all maintenance was around £8.5m, which equates to £16.3m in economic impact (based on WERU figures)
The Regulator has consistently given us a clean bill of Financial health.puzzle

puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle

Taff is at the heart of the community in Cardiff, with properties focussed on inner city areas, where many wards score highly on deprivation indices. As well as bringing homes and jobs, we help make people and communities more resilient in Cardiff and beyond. Firstly, our homes are designed to create safe communities, integrated in the heart of the City. Secondly, we are a trusted ‘anchor’ organisation in these areas, and have progressed community based education and social cohesion activities in a safe space.

OOur work with young people and children, helps mitigate the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and prevents homelessness. We help people to see a different future for themselves, and their families by giving them skills and tools to cope with adversity.

2016-17 5 years
Sophie Howe (Future Generations Commissioner) endorsed the fantastic work of Shine at a Big Lottery Bright New Futures Event at the Pierhead building. Mia & Sian, Shine Service Users, helped prepare the event and even spoke about their experiences on the day.
In the 3 years since its inception, the Shine Project has supported 249 parents one to one; 73 parents/expectant parents have completed a 10 week group-based parenting programme; facilitated over 350 Stay and Play sessions with over 3000 attendances; provided trips for over 200 vulnerable families
A trip to the Daerwynno outdoor adventure centre for the Ty Seren volunteering project is just one way we build confidence
The Ty Seren residents’ film is screened at the Wales Millennium Centre to launch the ‘Yes means No’ App Developed by young women, the App. Developed by young women, the App provided advice for young women on how to safely enjoy a night out in Cardiff.
95% residents have moved onto sustainable accommodation from Ty Enfys 96% of Support Clients say they feel better able to cope as a result of receiving our help
45% of all our lettings helped homeless people this year. Taff continues to support Cardiff Council in its efforts to prevent and mitigate homelessness. Over a five year period 909 families or individuals with housing need have been housed.
100% of new tenants said they felt safe in their homes Over a 5 year period, 99% of tenants felt safe in their homes

We have a major role in preventative health work. Research shows over and over again that good quality, secure housing impacts positively on mental and physical health. We believe health starts at home, so we make it a continuing feature of our offer to staff through our ‘Health, & Wellbeing’ group. This promotes a health, safety and wellbeing culture, and encourages staff to keep customers safe through their work. Our Community Investment team undertake health promotion activities to benefit mental and physical wellbeing.

2016-17 5 years
Gas Safety reached 100% compliance after a re-structure to make it easier for Customer Service Advisers, Gas Engineers and Housing Officers to work together. At year end, 99.38% of homes had a gas safety certificate. We brought gas servicing and electrical safety testing in house, resulting in increased compliance rates in both.
‘Beyond food provision: Understanding community growing in the context of food poverty’ by Owen Hamner was published, including a case study on the benefits of Taff’s Allotment puzzle
Our Allotment has literally blossomed and has hosted or benefitted 7 different community groups.
We retained the Corporate Health Standard (Silver) in March 2017 We achieved and retained IIP Gold Standard in 2016 and were rated in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Top 20. Both awards consider employee well-being.
Staff turnover excluding our re-structure was 11.52% Average sickness levels have been consistently lower than UK average (CIPD figures)
A full household and communal area asbestos inspection programme was instigated with completion in 2017.

We help people achieve equal outcomes through our workplace practices, our customer service delivery and our values. We speak up against injustice and inequality, we have a diverse workforce covering all protected characteristics, and we support people in need. A particular focus for us is to break the cycle of poverty, and we are actively engaged in partnerships to further this aim.

2016-17 5 years
Our workforce includes 19% people from a BME background; 2% disabled and 1% LGBT people (as declared); and the gender balance is 59% female and 41% male The Shine Project won the CIH Promoting Equality and Support Award 2015.
In November 2016 we secured funding to deliver a pilot project in the Vale of Glamorgan working with Poverty Action Groups to deliver better outcomes for their most vulnerable families in the Vale. On average, we decreased debt by over £100k for people each year, and secured £175k in grants for individuals.
45% of people housed this year were previously homeless and 8% moved to a smaller home to avoid the Bedroom Tax. In total, 79 adaptations were undertaken by Taff for people with disabilities.

Social cohesion is central to Taff’s work. Our policy of delivering homes in popular and well serviced locations helps us achieve this. We are also conscious that we have a role in preventing and solving Anti-Social Behaviour, and our many Community Investment and partnership projects are designed to minimise adverse community impact.

We try to promote cohesion and involvement in all our work, whether it’s through donations from our Lettings Agency, Adore, or through encouraging community members to get involved in our groups.

2016-17 5 years
Adore shortlisted for Industry Award – “Negotiator Awards” in the Community Champion of the Year Award 2016
Adore sponsored Tiger Bay FC in their European Cup game
Taff has participated in the annual Riverside and Grangetown festivals as well as hosting three Family Fun Days with over 3000 people attending the events for free. We have also held two community cohesion events and a number of ‘Getting Involved’ days for Tenants and Community members. puzzle
Our tenants are more fully involved in delivering our services than ever, working in partnership with staff to design our ASB and Rent Policies via our new Scrutiny Panel. 91% Tenant satisfaction overall
Annual turnover of general needs tenancies has reduced from 6% to 2.5% over 5 years
Our allotment group have given part of the site over for growing food for homeless people in Cardiff. The annual turnover of general needs tenancies has reduced from 6% to 2.5% over 5 years
100% of new tenants felt safe and secure after the allocation of their new home Increased rate of 5 years plus tenancies to 56%
We have promoted peaceful and settled communities, dealing with and resolving 134 cases of Anti-social Behaviour (ASB). Our housing schemes and communities are more peaceful, with a drop of 19% in reported anti-social behaviour. This is lowest level ever recorded.
We have supported 10 refugee families from Syria to integrate into their communities in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan
We introduced Restorative Approaches into our work with young families in the Shine Project

We are based in a wonderfully diverse and multicultural area. Our staffing reflects this diversity and we encourage everyone, staff and customers to be themselves. Staff speak 11 languages between them, including Welsh and BSL, and we are happy to deliver services in a person’s language of choice.

We are proud to be Welsh and have been delighted to introduce refugees and others to the richness of Welsh life and culture.

2016-17 5 years
Where language or culture may be a barrier to receipt of services, we work to promote better solutions, such as our work with the Fire service and Red Sea House residents We set up and share a BME Contact group with two other landlords, to promote understanding between all communities and to help Housing Associations and others shape policy which is ‘diversity friendly’.
We held introductory sessions for Syrian Refugees when they arrived, and have worked with them to help settle into their new country. We are signatories to Cardiff City of Sanctuary puzzle
We deliver high standards of service in both Welsh and English. Full details of our scheme, along with the annual monitoring report are published here 13% of staff are Welsh speakers, with 3% being fluent. We record all staff language abilities so that we can help customers as required.

As a Housing Association, we are in the fortunate position to make a difference in both major and smaller ways in terms of environmental impact. Our new homes are built to code level 3+ enhanced building regulations, and our existing properties have undergone extensive upgrading for energy efficiency. We also encourage our Tenants to make the best of their energy systems and show them how to save on bills. We remove eyesore buildings and replace them with environmentally and aesthetically sustainable homes and public space.

Our community groups encourage ‘grow your own’ projects and we help our residents become global citizens through one off events, such as community tidy ups.

2016-17 5 years
Ty Seren residents are passionate about the environment, and frequently joined in on a litter pick.
We were awarded Green Dragon Environmental standard Level 2: Understanding Environmental Responsibilities in 2013 for Alexandra House. We achieved Phase 2: British Environmental Standard BS8555:2003 Certificate of Environmental Management in March 2015 for Alexandra House.
We have delivered innovative solutions for waste management on our schemes, empowering the tenants to manage waste correctly.
"Very helpful, told me some very useful information about my central heating system and how it works" 99.67% of homes have a SAP rating (energy efficiency measure) greater than 65
99.5% of homes now have showers Our Big Data project has helped reduce ‘frequent fliers’ for repairs over the last 4 years from 177 to 9, saving materials and transport impact

We have achieved many of the outcomes we aspired to 5 years ago, providing homes and great quality services, working in partnership with Councils and others, and earning a reputation as a great place to work. We end our 5 year plan with many successes, including a stronger financial position, as can be seen in our full Financial Statements

If you are interested in our plans for the next 5 years, take a look at our Business Plan ‘Building Foundations for Better Futures’.

Thank you for reading!

Small Workplace Health Award Living Wage Best Workplace 2014 Environmental Standard

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