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Budgeting your money is very important to ensure you don’t spend more than you have coming in.  It’s especially important now that your benefits will be paid monthly under Universal Credit.


STEP 1: budget is simply 2 lists, one of your income and one of your outgoings.

STEP 2: Set aside an hour and have to hand all of your income amounts and your bills.

STEP 3: Make a list of all of your income. This could include wages, any benefits you claim or payments such as maintenance payments.

STEP 4: Make a list of all of your outgoings. Make sure you include your rent, council tax, utility bills, mobile phones, food and cleaning shopping, clothes, travel and any debts you may have.

STEP 5: Now total up each to see how much money you have left for the month.  This will enable you to ensure that you don’t spend more over the month than what you have left over. You also have peace of mind that your bills are paid!

 Are your outgoings more than your income? Don’t panic! You may be able to reduce your spending by switching utility or phone tariffs or sign up to direct debits to reduce your bills.


All you have to do now is review your budget planner every month and stick to it!

Budget planners are available online or even phone Apps.