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Mon 21st Aug

My experience using Moneyline, by Taff Tenant Stacey


A little bit about Stacey:

Stacey is a 25 year old single parent who works part time whilst raising her daughter in rented accommodation. Stacey shares her experience using Moneyline with Talkabout readers.

  • Why did you choose Moneyline?

I heard of Moneyline through a friend.  She recommended it as I was struggling financially at the time. It had helped her out so much, she said it was an easy process and it’s designed for people on benefits and/or people who may struggle financially.

I just popped in, spoke to an advisor and they explained how the loan worked in laymen terms, so I understood it and went from there.

  • What was the purpose of the loan?

Decorating my house, I was buying new furniture and painting as I had recently moved into my flat. The loan was for £100 and that was over 16 weeks. I also opened a savings account and added an extra bit every week. That was brilliant; I had just under £50 by the end of the loan!

I’ve had other loans since, just after Christmas for food shopping and a few bits just to tide me over until I had my next wages. That was £300 and again I set up the savings with that loan.

  • Have you had a loan with anyone else? How did Moneyline compare?

With all the others I have looked at the interest is so high or I can’t afford to pay it back, whereas Moneyline is plain and simple - it does as it says on the tin. If I hadn’t had a Moneyline loan I would have just gone without.

  • How did you find the application process?

The process is so simple - you are told what you need to bring in and it’s easy. I prefer face to face than on the phone or internet as there I feel there could be hidden fine print, whereas when you are face to face with Moneyline, there is no hidden print; everything is made clear with the advisor in front of you.

  • Would you recommend Moneyline to anyone else?

I have recommended friends to Moneyline as Moneyline offers a ‘Fiver for a friend’ scheme and I get a £5 Love2Shop voucher as a thankyou! My friend who referred me to Moneyline has received vouchers herself too!

  • Any other comments or anything else you think Moneyline could do to improve the service?

There are lots of friendly people in Moneyline and they are really honest and easy to talk to. What I love about it mostly is that you don’t feel awkward when they are asking you questions, it’s just a really nice place to come.

To find out more:

Telephone 0345 643 1553 (Local Rate) or pop into your local branch:

  • 184 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF11 9NW or
  • The Beacon Centre, Harrison Dr, St. Mellons, Cardiff CF3 0PJ 



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