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Community News
Tue 14th Nov

Winners Announced! Training @ Taff Competition

Training Competition

Training @ Taff Competition

Last month, we launched a Training @ Taff Competition.  Learners were encouraged to submit a piece of writing, a drawing or artwork to express their experiences training at Taff. We received a wide range of entries including a number of inspirational stories, poems and drawings. 1st prize was a £30 Love2Shop Voucher and the 2nd Prize was a £10 Love2Shop Voucher. Director of People & Places Hayley judged the entries.

1st prize was awarded to a learner who had written a story about her struggle with Dyslexia and how taking small steps with the help of Taff allowed her to reach her goals. The learner illustrated her story with a drawing.

Extract - I thought dyslexia was a disease that would keep me trapped forever with no way out. Training at Taff was like being offered a rope of hope and support to help climb a ladder to reach my goals. I took the rope and stood on the first step. It’s been scary but I keep reminding myself – If I can’t run, I can walk, if I can’t walk I can crawl. With each small step I will reach my goals!



Second prize was awarded to Learner Alissa:

Training at Taff is fun, everyone gets along. It’s helped me get out of the house and start socialising again...for a few hours in the classroom are not mum, you are you...when finding a job is difficult these courses give you hope that with these on your CV you might be the lucky one.


If you would like to find out more about training at Taff please visit our events page for details of upcoming courses and how to sign up.

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