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Community News
Fri 22nd Jun

Building Futures in St Mellons

Site manager

Taff Housing Association has an absolute commitment to providing employment and training opportunities to the people of Cardiff.  It is imperative that we support the economic needs of the communities around which our business is built. As a community based Housing Association we welcome the use of local suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. In addition, we provide educational, training and work placement opportunities for local residents which will develop their work related and employability skills.

Our latest new build residential development is on Newport Road in Old St Mellons, Cardiff. The £3m investment  will provide 33 affordable homes by November 2019. The dilapidated St Mellons Garage and vacant Droke House have been demolished to make way for the new split level development that will enhance the area significantly.

The contractor CJ Construction shares Taff's values and has won several awards for their community engagement. 3 new apprenticeships have been created through this development-1 carpentry and 2 bricklaying, both due to start in July/August 2018. In addition to these newly created positions, an Apprentice Site Manager Joseff is continuing his apprenticeship through the build and several unpaid work experience placements will be offered to local residents and students.


Once the apprentices have completed their time on this development, they will be transferred through the Y Prentice scheme to another local development to ensure they have enough onsite experience to finish their college qualification. Several short term work experience placements will also be created, a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting a taster of the construction industry.

As part of ensuring we maximise value for the Welsh pound, we are also committed to working with the community to leave a lasting legacy. In autumn we will be welcoming groups of secondary school students for site visits. We will also be working with a local primary school and community groups.

If you are interested in finding out more about work experience placements, future apprenticeships or you are a local community group interested in getting involved please contact Clare Dickinson on 02920259146 or email


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