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Community News
Wed 13th Feb

De Clare Drive, Radyr

De Clare Drive, Radyr

20/05/2019 - We would like to thank the local residents who bought to our attention that construction works were carried out on the most recent bank holiday. We recognise that this was not in accordance with our planning conditions and have met with and spoken to the contractor Hale to ensure this does not happen again. This incident has fallen short of what we expect of the contractor and we have made it clear that it is not acceptable. We apologise for any inconvenience and disruption that was caused to you as residents .We have increased our monitoring of works on site.

We would also like to thank residents for also contacting us directly about additional issues, as this enables us to work to ensure any disruption to you is kept to a minimum.


Site Progress

Piling works are now complete and the site team are in the process of carrying out the process of forming the foundations of the new buildings. This work will be completed in the next few weeks.

The timber frame erection will start in mid-June and the form of the buildings will begin to take shape. Delivery of the timber frame will mean a peak in site traffic but we have asked the contractor to ensure this is staggered throughout the day to reduce disruption and will monitor the situation closely.


12/03/2019 - In our last update we told you that our contractor  would be using a displacement piling system for the foundations to the new buildings. This decision was made to reduce the noise impact on local residents and was chosen from a range of options recommended by site investigation surveys. Unfortunately, our contractors on site have found that this method has not worked for the ground conditions and will not provide the stability required for the new buildings.

Hale have looked at all other available options for a foundation system and have found that it will now be necessary for us to use a driven piling system – this means that the piling columns will be made in sections off site and will then be pushed into the ground, by impact, on site. This method will create more noise but will be completed more quickly. Noise and vibration will be monitored on site to ensure noise and vibration levels do not come close to, or exceed, the recommended safety levels for residential areas of close proximity.

These works will commence within the next 1-2 weeks and should last around 6-10 working days. The works will be carried out between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30.

We apologise for any disruption caused.


13/02/2019 - Hale Construction began construction of 36 homes at De Clare Drive, Radyr in January this year. These homes includes 18, 1 bedroom flats; 10, 2 bedroom flats (including 4 wheelchair accessible flats) and 8, 3 bedroom houses. The scheme has received funding from Welsh Government to increase the supply of much needed affordable housing in Cardiff.

The current phase of development involves reducing the levels on site by removing topsoil and importing hard-core to create a suitable surface for the foundations of the properties to be constructed. As these foundations will sit below the finished floor level of the houses it has been necessary to reduce to ground level, it may look like we are digging a ‘basement’ but we are simply reducing the levels to construct the houses at a similar level to those already there.

These works have involved significant numbers of lorries going to and from the site, and we apologise that this has caused some inconvenience and concern for local residents.


  • You said  …..  ‘lorries are moving around site without banksman’

We have ….. spoken to the developer about this and made it clear that this is not acceptable. We have increased our checks on site to monitor the situation daily while the current level of traffic is occurring.


  • You said  …. ’lorries are driving too quickly around Radyr’

We have… asked the developer to ensure that all site traffic does not exceed  the 20mph requested by the local residents group. Information will be issued to all subcontractors to ensure they are aware of this and also the location of local schools and routes where they need to take extra care.


  • You said  .…. ’lorries are travelling on the road at school run times and putting children at risk’

We have ….. asked the developer to make sure that banksman stop traffic entering or exiting site whenever a school child in walking nearby to allow them to pass. We have also agreed with the developer that going forward all site deliveries will be arranged between 9am-3pm to avoid school run times. This will come into effect middle of next week once the current phase of development is complete, as this work has already been arranged. All drivers are fully qualified and licenced and vehicles have cameras to ensure that they are being driven safely.


This level of traffic should decrease significantly by the middle of next week when this phase of the development is finished.


  • You said ….. ’lorries are playing dodgems on the estate’

We have  ….. raised this with the developer. They have set up their site so that lorries can enter the site from one direction and exit from the other.

This would also allow vehicles to wait on site rather than on the road. Unfortunately, this has not been possible on some occasions as the access and exit routes have been obstructed by parked cars meaning lorries are having to manoeuvre via one access/exit point. We would ask that you work with us on this to enable vehicles to move safely around the site and where possible avoid parking directly opposite the site entrance points. We have asked the contractor to provide an allocated parking area for workers vehicles so these vehicles do not impact of available resident parking.


Due to the soil type in the area the foundations for this scheme will be piled. Piled foundations are deep foundations, they are formed by long, slender, columnar elements typically made from steel and reinforced concrete. This will be the next phase of the development which should go on for around 3 weeks.

To reduce the impact of these works on local residents, rather than drive the piles into the ground by impact, the piles will be installed by removing the soil using an augured system and replacing with concrete. This will significantly reduce any noise or vibration experienced in the area.


  • You said ….. ’we are not being kept informed of what is happening’

We have …..  set up this blog which will be updated regularly. We’ve also included our details below, so if you see us in the area please come and talk to us or send us your concerns via phone or email.

We apologise that some residents feel we have not kept you informed before now but we appreciate your comments and have tried to act on all points raised.


Eleanor Foxwell

Development Officer

02920 259151



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