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Money & Debt Advice
Are you struggling to pay your bills? Do you need help managing your finances or dealing with benefit problems? Managing money and paying bills is becoming increasingly difficult with benefits being cut and increasing costs of living. We’ve set up a new free money advice service to help Taff tenants manage their money and meet their day to day living costs. 
Help is available.

For responsible loans seek help from Moneyline .

We understand it is often tempting that when times are difficult to turn to loan sharks or an illegal money lender, but often these lenders charge impossible interest rates that make it impossible to ever pay back, often using intimidation and threats to worsen your situation . Moneyline offer manageable payments with no hidden costs, and have plenty of real people to speak to.  

But before taking out a loan, please speak to our money advice service to see if we can help provide a more long term solution. You might be missing out what you're entitled to, and we're here to help!

We understand that asking for help is often the hardest step when faced with money struggles, Taff's team are here without prejudice. - more information below. 


Community Housing Cymru's 'Don't Get Bitten' Campaign - short clip. 


How can Taff Help You ? 

 We can help with a whole range of things such as:

• Helping ensure you are getting all of the benefits you are entitled to
• Reducing bills such as gas, electric, water and other packages (such as broadband)
• Budgeting
• Applying for grants for things like furniture or reducing debt
• Accessing affordable credit
• Opening and moving bank accounts
• Debt help and advice

We understand how difficult it is taking those first steps to get help. If you would like an informal chat, or if there is anything you would like help with please get in touch! 

Our Money Advisor is Jackie Lynch and she can be contacted by calling  Freephone 0800 121 6064, directly on 029 2025 9111 or by emailing

For more specialist advice we can  also refer you to Money Saviour who will be able offer impartial debt and money advice. .. For a free referral just get in touch with us using the contact information above. If you would like to find out more information about money saviour please click on their logo below.Money Saviour

Alternatively, if you don't feel comfortable talking to Taff but would like help and advice managing your money from other organisations, please click the quick links below.

Money Advice Service


Cardiff Council’s The Hub 

Citizens Advice

Shelter Cymru

Your Benefits are Changing