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Finding a Home

Finding a Home

Taff is a member of the Cardiff wide Common Waiting List. This means that every person who wants to find accommodation with us must apply first to go on the waiting list with Cardiff Council.

The Common Waiting list is run on a banding system, whereby those who have a defined housing need are the most likely to find housing first. For example, this includes people who are in overcrowded accommodation, need to move because of medical needs or are fleeing violence or domestic abuse.  People who are not in housing need may have a very long wait to find housing, or may never be offered accommodation.

How to apply?

In order to apply for a home you first must make an appointment with Cardiff Council, who will interview you to assess your housing need. They will be able to give you general advice on your housing situation and suggest alternatives too. If you would like to book an appointment with Cardiff Council, you can contact them directly on 029 2053 7111, visit a local Council Hub or come into our office where our receptionists can make an appointment for you.


What if you are already a Taff Tenant?

If you would like to move and you are a Taff Tenant, please contact your Housing Officer come into our Reception or click on this link to our Want to Move section.


Making an offer of accommodation

If we are able to offer you a home we will contact you by telephone and we will follow this up with a formal offer in writing.  You must contact us immediately after receiving this offer to let us know if you are interested in viewing the property. We may withdraw the offer if we do not hear from you within 3 working days of it being sent. You will be given the opportunity to view the property before you make a decision.

What if I refuse an offer of accommodation?

Please tell us straight away if you do not want the house we have offered you.  Generally, if you have been made two reasonable offers and you have refused them without  good reason, your name may be removed from the waiting list.  If this happens and you think the decision is unfair, you can appeal against this decision.  You will need to contact the Rehousing Unit on 02920 537032 or 02920 537033 if you wish to appeal.

Rent In Advance

If you accept an offer of accommodation with us, you will be asked to pay a full week's rent in advance before you are given the keys to the property. Failure to do this may mean the offer is withdrawn and offered to someone else.

Disabled applicants

If you have limited mobility or other disabilities, and therefore need adapted accommodation, you should still complete the Common Waiting List application form, but ensure that you tick the box stating you require adapted accommodation. You should return the form to:

Rehousing Unit, Cardiff County Council, PO Box 364, Cardiff, CF11 1BW

You will then be registered onto the Cardiff Accessible Homes Register.  This is a housing waiting list specifically for people who require adapted accommodation, and will match your requirements to available properties.   You can obtain information about the Cardiff Accessible Homes Register by calling 02920 468408, e-mailing or Click this link to visit the Cardiff Accessible Homes website for further information.

Other Housing Options in Cardiff

If you would like to discuss housing options with a member of staff please contact your Housing Officer on 02920 259100, who will be happy to assist you. 

Please click on this link to visit Cardiff Housing Website, where you can get advice on different housing options in Cardiff.

If you would like to apply for accommodation in one of our hostels please see the Specialist housing section of this website.