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How to be a good neighbour

The Association wants all its tenants to enjoy their homes and take pleasure from living in a friendly, caring community. Please make sure that your family and visitors consider your neighbours.

Introduce yourself

If you feel safe to do so, say hello to your neighbours and introduce yourself. Not only do you then know who is living next door, common courtesy goes a long way between neighbours. 

Communal Areas 

Respect communal areas, and keep hallways & exit points clear. This is important in case of an emergency.


Take consideration for those around you. We advise that you do anything with excessive noise at night. If you are going to be making excessive noise such as a party, or DIY let your neighbours know in advance. When your windows are open, remember that noise travels further. 

If you have problems with noise, try using the Noise App to log directly with Taff 


Remember – a little bit of consideration goes a long way!


Join a community group if you want to get involved with your local community. Find out how here