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What we can do if you are at risk from/ suffering Domestic violence

If you are suffering from domestic violence or there is a serious threat of violence from someone living in your home, you may need advice on your tenancy and other personal and legal matters.

You should also contact your Housing Officer, who will be able to give you advice and assistance. The advice we can give you will
depend upon whether you have a sole or joint tenancy.

If you need to move home due to domestic violence, we can assist you with making an application to the Common Waiting List where you may be given priority status. If you are unable to return home due to domestic violence, Cardiff Council will be able to provide you with details about refuges and hostels suitable for your circumstances.

If you wish to stay in your home, you can get advice and support from Women’s Aid, the Women’s Safety Unit and your Housing Officer about how to make your home safer. We may also be able to assist by taking legal action, such as an Injunction, against the person who is abusing you.