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What we will do if we receive a report of nuisnace or ASB

Taff Housing Association is committed to providing high quality services to our tenants and customers. We believe that if you report ASB to us, we should do everything to support and protect you.


When you report ASB to Taff we will:


  • Carry out an immediate formal risk assessment
  • Take a statement from you and agree an action plan within the timescales below
  • Assign a dedicated Lead Officer to the case
  • Take immediate steps to protect you if you feel you may be in danger
  • Carry out emergency repairs to your home within 1 working day of the report
  • With agreement from you, seek to contact the perpetrator within the timescales below.
  • Provide you with weekly updates for the length of the investigation
  • Thoroughly investigate your report by gathering all available evidence and information
  • Work with appropriate partner agencies such as the Police
  • Offer you support via the Victim Support team if required
  • Seek feedback on our case management to improve our service


Responding to Reports of ASB


We group our responses into 3 categories so that we prioritise our work. How we categorise reports of ASB is based on the risk the incidents pose to the person affected or witness, and what type of ASB they are reporting. If you report a category 3, low severity case, we may not class it as anti-social behaviour, but we will still take action resolve the issue.



Category 1:  EMERGENCY

Within 24 hrs

(normal working day)

Category 2:  URGENT

Within 3 working days

Category 3: NON-URGENT

Within 5 working days

  • Children at risk
  • Domestic abuse
  • Hate crime or incident
  • Serious damage to property
  • Physical assault
  • Serious criminal activity or criminal activity directly targeted against an individual
  • Threats to kill or harm someone




  • Drug dealing
  • Harassment
  • Criminal behaviour no directly targeted
  •  Any report of persistent noise or nuisance
  • Intimidating behaviour
  • Vandalism
  •  Alcohol/drug connected ASB.
  • Drug dealing
  •  Any other ASB requiring an urgent response


  • Illegal dumping
  • Minor or one-off noise nuisance ASB
  • Any other report or activity detrimental to the peaceful enjoyment of the complainant’s home and environment






Any complainant scoring ‘HIGH’ on the victim risk assessment matrix

Any complainant scoring ‘MEDIUM’ or ‘LOW’ on the victim risk assessment matrix

Any complainant scoring ‘LOW’ on the risk assessment matrix.


How we work with people who cause nuisance and ASB?


We recognise that some people who cause nuisance or ASB may be experiencing problems themselves. We are committed to working with people to help them address their behaviour and access the right support to do this. We use a number of different methods and seek to ensure people can stay in their homes and be successful members of the community.


In serious and persistent cases we may seek legal action, but this is always a last resort. When we decide to do this we will work with the people affected and provide support and guidance.


If you need further information our approach to ASB and nuisance behaviour, you can contact the Tenancy Team on 0800 121 6064.