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Your right to apply for a transfer or swap homes

Your Right to Apply for a Transfer, or Swap Your Home 


If your circumstances change, you can request a transfer by applying to Cardiff Council’s Common Waiting List. When applying to the Common Waiting List you may be offered a transfer from the Council or any of the housing associations in Cardiff. If you would prefer to only be re-housed by Taff Housing Association, please state this on your application form.

If you currently hold an Assured Short-hold Tenancy Agreement, you will not be able to apply for a transfer until you become an Assured Tenant after 12 months.


All applications to transfer will be considered, however, priority will be given to those in greater need. Greater priority may be awarded in the following situations:

  •  Your current home is overcrowded
  • Your current home is under-occupied
  • Where there are health or social problems that can be helped by moving to alternative accommodation
  • You need to live in a particular area, for support or care from relatives, or you need to be near specialist services such as a hospital
  • You or a member of your household is being harassed and you would benefit from moving


All applications will be accepted, however, if you have rent arrears you will have to clear all the outstanding balance before you will be offered a transfer. If your current property is in a poor condition, you will have to bring the property up to standard before you can transfer to another property. If you transfer and leave your property in a poor condition, we will bring the property up to standard, and recharge you.

If you require any help completing the application form, please call into reception where we will be happy to assist you. If you are unable to get to our office, please call your Housing Officer on 029 2025 9100 who will be happy to visit you at home to assist you.


If you swap your home and tenancy with someone else, this is called an exchange.

 You are responsible for finding someone to exchange with, however we do keep a register of people looking for exchanges in Cardiff, please ask our Receptionist if you would like to have a look at our list.

You may also register on the Homeswapper website.

 Can anyone Exchange?

If you have an Assured or Secure tenancy with Taff Housing Association, then you have the right to exchange with another Tenant from any other housing association or the local authority.

 How do I apply to Exchange?

Each housing organisation in Cardiff holds a copy of the Cardiff Exchange list. This list is updated by Cardiff Council every month and contains a list of all the people across Cardiff who are looking for an exchange.

 Look through the list and contact the person you would like to exchange properties with. If you would like to go ahead with the exchange, contact your Housing Officer and complete an application.

 If you exchange, you agree to take on the property in the condition you see it. The Association is not responsible for any re-decoration or damage caused by the previous Tenant or their family.

 Are there any reasons why I may not be allowed to Exchange?

Taff Housing Association will agree to a request for an exchange unless:

  •  Any type of legal proceedings have been commenced against you
  •  Your home is too large or too small for the household you wish to exchange with
  •  Your home has been specially adapted or designed to suit a person with disabilities and the person you wish to exchange with does not have a need for such adaptations
  •  Your home is designated as ‘older person accommodation’ and the person you wish to exchange with is not elderly
  •  You are in arrears or owe any other debt to the Association
  •  You have an Assured Short-hold tenancy