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Your tenancy agreement

When you are offered a home you will be asked to sign a Tenancy Agreement. This is a written agreement between you and the Association. The Tenancy Agreement is an important document, which you should read carefully and keep in a safe place. The agreement gives you important information. It sets out:

Which home you will be renting

When your tenancy begins

The amount of rent you have to pay

The type of tenancy you have - there are four types of tenancy, the difference between them is explained later

Your rights as a Tenant

Your responsibilities as a Tenant

When you sign the Tenancy Agreement you accept the conditions of the tenancy set out in it. The purpose of this section is to give you general information about Taff Housing Association and living in one of our homes. The member of staff who signed your Tenancy Agreement on our behalf will have explained to you in clear terms your rights and responsibilities. However, if you are uncertain of any points, please contact your Housing Officer on 029 2025 9100 or Freephone 0800 121 6064 (landline only).